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RIP Israel Hernandez………

Miami Beach Artist Israel Hernandez-Llach AKA Reefa unfortunately died due to excessive police brutality. A promising youth, well liked and successful. My heart goes out to his friends and family. I hope he lives on vicariously through his art………….





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11 responses to “RIP Israel Hernandez………

  1. When I read about this I was deeply saddened. So many levels and layers of what happened here.

  2. How horribly sad. Hope his work lives on

    • galleryoftheheart ⋅

      Really sad…..

      • Sadness evokes an emotional climate senseless accidental tragedies.

        Fury, and a committment to stop the police brutality that threatens the lives of too many young Latino and Black men, should be in all of our hearts along with sadness. Sadness belongs in our hearts – it has forever broken the hearts of Israel’s family – but it does not belong there alone.

      • galleryoftheheart ⋅

        While I don’t want to generalize because not all cops are bad, but I’ve witness too much police brutality in Florida not with just ethnic Americans, but with all races. I’ve especially seen and found it with the forgotten and misunderstood mentally ill whom were maybe just behaving funny and with no dangerous threat. Not to get off the mark to much.

        With this case it had the sense of the pack mentality. Very scary. I don’t blame him for running, most street artist would. He just seem to be such a cool kid… Full of a bright future. This case in particular really upset me.

        He was following his dreams and I believe he was going to make it! That’s what really is terrible.

  3. Such a tragedy and loss of talent…

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