I  wanted to give my condolences to the Vidal family. I too have family a member that sufferers from a mental illness and has also been the victim to over excessive police violence. He was only a child that suffered from a real brain disorder. He was only 18. Mental illness is no different then physical illnes, people need to have equal compassion. He was full of obvious talents. He was excessively tasered  and restrained with restraints when he was brutally murder by a police officer. This is happening way too often. Why is something not being done on a political and social level. Cops need better training.


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Με τη νέα χρονιά, δεν έβαλα κανένα στόχο. Στα τσακίδια τα new year’s resolutions. Ζούμε τελικά στην πραγματικότητα που δημιουργούμε. Εγώ θέλω να ζω γνωρίζοντας ότι απλά μπορώ να δημιουργώ τα πλαίσια στα οποία ζω, υπό οποιαδήποτε συνθήκη επιβάλλεται. Νέο theme λοιπόν, και header από τη Maya Hayuk. Η Hayuk είναι Ουκρανικής καταγωγής με έδρα το Brooklyn, NY, ταξιδεύει και βάφει από βιομηχανικά κτήρια μέχρι καμβάδες. Συμμετρία, χρώματα, πρίσματα που είναι πιο δυνατά από λέξεις. Είναι επιρρεασμένη από την παραδοσιακή ουκρανική τέχνη, την pop art και λίγο psychedelic κατ’εμέ.

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I think we live in the utopia that we create for ourselves




Maya Hayuk for Billabong

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My Bloody Valentine….MBV

If there is one thing I noticed about 2013 the MBV album seemed to be extremely underrated. I mean after waiting about 22 years for  follow up to Loveless, I thought the world would stop in its tracks. This album to me was the best thing to happen in 2013.

I thought this for sure because the 90’s had a come back. For some reason grunge was the topic. I was also thinking about the consciousness of the time in music. The one thing I notice is music is very clean in production and well produced at that. Back in the 90’s access to production usually meant a four track and the really underground cool music came from ex-punks that found a home and beauty in noisy music.

Kevin Sheilds created a new sound that was classified as Shoegazer at the time. The other bands that followed may of had a similar sound, but not the genius. Kevin Sheilds changed the tunings on the instruments to a new formed scale. He produced the vocals as one with the instuments. The music was more of an art experiment. I would say his genius is clearly that of predecessors Phill Spector or Brian Wilson. No joke.

MBV was almost an answer to Loveless or a part  two, but done perfectly. It makes my heart melt every time I listen to it. The world needs to take a listen and fall in love.

Vintage Hangover

Here is a great image from New Years 1979 at the historic Studio 54 in New York. Hope everybody is feeling prosperous and optimistic this 2014. I belive its going to be a great year! For those who have maybe drank at little too much last night, the hangover will pass. There’s always the hair of the dog. Cheers to the New Years!Xo