Vahl’s………… Ghost Town Beauty.

20130701-203029.jpgOnce upon a time the city of Alviso was  the main boating and shipping port of San José and the transportation hub for the Santa Clara Valley to the San Francisco Bay. Thru time that all came to pass leaving a ghost town of old cannery buildings and salty wet lands. On the end of  1513 El Dorado is a sweet little gem reminding us of Alviso in its golden era. It’s like a step back into time, the beauty and décor of the 1940’s. While Vahl is no longer around as she has  passed, her memory is still kept alive with  her family still running the place. The menu is still the same. Quite interesting choices and with five courses. On Sundays it turns into a piano bar. It’s worth the trip if your near San Jose and love that sort of dreamy step into a different era kind of reality.


Transcendental Meditation


I have been a TM meditator for almost two years. I have been struggling with multiple concussions and damage to my CNS for the past two years. There has been little supportive nature with in the environment I have been trying to heal in. A very dysfunctional environment. With out TM I’m not sure what condition my Brain and CNS would be in today. It was a godsend.

Transcendental Meditation is taught the same way that it has been from its origins thousands of years ago. The technique takes about 20 minutes twice a day. Usually once upon waking and once before dinner. This is the protocol recommended to me by my teacher. Protocols are personal. The technique puts one in a very deep parasympathetic state, which brings one into a deep relaxation of the nervous system. It is stated that TM brings ones mind inward, beyond thought to pure awareness into the unified field. A restful alertness. A deep rest for the mind.

TM is not a religion or spiritual practice even though its origins are from Ayurvedic origins. Maharishi represented this technique with intention to bring it to the world about 50 years ago. It was taught to me by my teacher, whom knew and studied under Maharishi directly, that his wish was to bring this technique to anyone no matter what religion or belief they may have.

For the average sceptic, credentials include over 600 research studies conducted at 250 universities and research centers. This would include Harvard, UCLA, and Stanford. These studies have been published in more that 100 science journals. There is a lot of credibility to TM’s claims.

While TM has lots of studies that claim its benefits, I believe true results depend on the person. My personal experience I would love to share. While there are many forms of meditation having different techniques, I believe for me TM is the easiest and deepest meditation technique I ever tried. You are given a specific manta to repeat that is specifically prescribed for you and that’s it. TM is something that is built upon. You have to be consistent and do it as recommended twice a day for 20 minutes. My meditation changed in its progression as time proceeded. It becomes deeper and deeper until thoughts and even the mantra disappear into pure consciousness. I have talked to people who gave up because they did not like the meditation after a week or two weeks or so. That’s to early to give up. Meditation for me was not easy at first. They may have given up due to a lack of discipline or ability to set time for their meditation. If you have no time, make the time.

My experience during the beginning was horrible. My teacher told me that was because TM is a purification of the nervous system and old traumas are probably releasing. She was right. I got through it and my meditation became a peaceful experience eventually. If you are not disciplined and willing to practice as recommended I would find another cheaper form of meditation first. It will not have its benefits unless you put the work in on a consistent basis. TM is a practice, as with anything one wants to master. I begin to really enjoy and love my meditation time. No other meditation was able to calm me and bring me to complete peace as TM has. I have a very hard mind to quiet, very overactive. TM is like nothing I ever tried previously. I highly recommend the investment. Its something the individual needs to decide for themselves. TM change my life for the better in so many ways. I wish I would have started years ago.

TM’s duration of benefits depends on the individual. TM gave me an understanding of my true self. My ability to cope with stress has improved. My relations with others has improved. While always a creative person, my creativity has grown. Certain aspects of my physical health has improved. Memory and word recall has been able to heal itself form the concussions. Self control is improving. Focus and intelligence seems improved. My nervousness and anxiety has improved. These changes in my system are subtle, but continue to improve slowly with each meditation. I look forward to and really enjoy TM. It’s giving me peace of mind, literally. The benefits are completely dependent separately to each individual.

TM was completely the best investment I ever made. For more information on TM here is their web site……….

All information images are brought from TM.ORG and personal experience.