My Bloody Valentine….MBV

If there is one thing I noticed about 2013 the MBV album seemed to be extremely underrated. I mean after waiting about 22 years for  follow up to Loveless, I thought the world would stop in its tracks. This album to me was the best thing to happen in 2013.

I thought this for sure because the 90’s had a come back. For some reason grunge was the topic. I was also thinking about the consciousness of the time in music. The one thing I notice is music is very clean in production and well produced at that. Back in the 90’s access to production usually meant a four track and the really underground cool music came from ex-punks that found a home and beauty in noisy music.

Kevin Sheilds created a new sound that was classified as Shoegazer at the time. The other bands that followed may of had a similar sound, but not the genius. Kevin Sheilds changed the tunings on the instruments to a new formed scale. He produced the vocals as one with the instuments. The music was more of an art experiment. I would say his genius is clearly that of predecessors Phill Spector or Brian Wilson. No joke.

MBV was almost an answer to Loveless or a part  two, but done perfectly. It makes my heart melt every time I listen to it. The world needs to take a listen and fall in love.