I should of posted this a couple of days ago. Mourning the end of The Ramones’ legacy, I drank a little too much which set me a little in my daily routine. Tommy Ramone, the original drummer for The Ramones and the band’s last surviving original member, died last Friday at the age of 65 of cancer. Its a little piece of pop culture drifted on. To me The Ramones are one of my faves. They are one of the originals of the NY seventies Punk Scene. they brought an original, carefree, poppy, fifties, style of punk to the  NY scene. Lost but not forgotten, they will be played and  remembered forever.


A Look Into Faile’s Studio


With the opening of Faile’s exhibition at the Dallas Contemporary imminent now, we have a video to share with you from the guys at OBEY. In it, one of the Patrick’s takes us through their studio and talks about some of the work of people that have inspired them that line their walls as well as walks us through the process behind the pieces they are building for the show.

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

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