How I Made Theses Adorable Nautical Cards

end card product

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or make your own, here’s how ……..

The Cards…….

1. Paint a light blue or sea blue background on brown card stock. Even strokes across the card. When the paint starts to dry the paper will shrink and curve card. After paint is dry, place cards in between box cardboard and stack heavy books on top to add weight to flatten cards again. I let cards flatten over night. You will have to do this again with the finished product.

blank blue

2. Add some nautical stencils of your choice and in colors of your choice. I used red, yellow, and white as my color scheme. When using stencils it is a good idea to have a something to tape the card and stencil to. This will insure everything stays lined up correctly. I use box cardboard. You can use a brush or sponge to apply paint. It works best to blot the paint against the stencil for a better application.

2tone stencil

3. Add some hand painted detail to the cards. Be creative!

end card product

4. Spray finished product with a gloss finishing spray.

The Envelopes……

1. You can stencil these also if you like. I opted not to and added a hand painted accent of red to the triangular fold of the envelopes. This adds a little burst of color. I also finished these with a glossy finishing spray.

A Creative Twist……….

I painted this card a little different. I painted its background to the edges and added cute
striped paper stock as an embellishment to the inside. I of coursed finished the card with a glossy finishing spray and decorated the envelope as described above.

checkered card

stripe card inside